Hurricane Harvey Coverage

Westlake Volunteer Fire Department was ready when the storm came, and we made it through. The department has some of the best members, that go above and beyond their calling. Through the storm we had the opportunity to provide 50 Texas National Guard and 20 Harris County deputies a place to lay their heads to sleep, at our beautiful fire station that withstood the storm.

We also became a hub for supplies, when a student, Jimmie Sherrill, accomplished an amazing task of raising needed supplies for our community. We received one 18 wheeler, 2 U-hauls, 1 trailer and a police escort from Pensacola Florida to the Westside of Houston. It was an amazing feat and reminded some of the bays at the old Firehouse after hurricane Katrina, when donations were stacked two meters tall, plus a truck out the side.

Westlake has always been a fantastic hub for community support. There’s no doubt that Chief Palmer runs a top notch Firehouse when it comes to helping the community.

Great job team!!!