Name: Adrian Martinez

Rank: EMS Lieutenant – Firefighter/Paramedic

Date Joined Westlake: May 2005

Certifications: TCFP Firefighter Intermediate, TDSHS EMT-Paramedic, Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP), ACLS, PALS, ITLS

Why I joined Westlake: I joined as a volunteer in 2005 at 21 years old to gain valuable 911 experience as a brand new EMT-Basic. I moved to Katy when I was 8 and grew up in the department’s response area. I also had friends that volunteered and I had always heard great things about the department. So naturally, Westlake was the best choice. In June 2014 after 7 years as a career firefighter with the Houston Fire Department, I transitioned from a volunteer to a paid employee with Westlake. I was then promoted to EMS Lieutenant in September of 2015.

What do I like best about Westlake: Easy answer. The membership. Everyone is literally your 2nd family. We would (and have) give the t-shirt off our backs for one another if the request was ever made. Family looks out for one another, and that’s exactly what the members do. Chief Palmer alone has made such a huge impact on my life. I would not be where I am right now and a Houston firefighter/paramedic if it wasn’t for him.

Why I became a firefighter/EMS: Several reasons. I became a firefighter/paramedic because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. A typical 9-5 job sitting in an office all day did not sound appealing to me. I also did not want to die an old man wishing I had done something more meaningful with my life. After my first ambulance clinical as an EMT student in 2004, I fell in love with the job, ambulance, emergency medicine, and the excitement of not knowing what type of call we would make next. It was as that time that I realized this is what I was meant to do.

What do I like best about being a firefighter/EMS: Again, many reasons. The brotherhood. I get to save lives for a living, and get paid for it. With that, there’s a level of satisfaction that is impossible to put into words. There aren’t many people that can say they enjoy getting up each morning and going to work everyday. I truly can. As a first responder, I feel like I am serving my community in the most selfless and compassionate way possible. I simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else.